Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of RYSA is the governing body of the Radcliff Youth Soccer Association in accordance with the its bylaws. Consisting of elected members representing all facets of the Association, the Board administers the affairs of the Association to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for its members.

PRESIDENT – Wolf Parker
270-766-8911 (C)

Co-VP of Recreational – Candi Lozano
270-317-3559 (C)

Co-VP of Recreational – Cindy Mehling
270-272-5772 (C)

VP of Select – Steve Harlan
270-352-4946 (H)
270-319-0865 (C)

SECRETARY – Beth Luiggi
270-307-0011 (C)

TREASURER – Kathy Castillo
270-317-5425 (C)

Scheduler – Steve Harlan
270-352-4946 (H)
270-319-0865 (C)

DIR of COACHES, Recreational – Open

DIR of COACHES, Select – Alex Molina
270-300-3404 (C)


U4 “Lil’ Shooters” COMMISSIONER – Candi Lozano
270-272-5772 (C)

U6 COMMISSIONER – Cindy Mehling
270-317-3559 (C)

U8 COMMISSIONER – Sarah Castillo
270-320-0839 (C)

U10 COMMISSIONER – Cindy Mehling
270-317-3559 (C)

U12 COMMISSIONER – Nikki Saguay
270-801-6722 (C)

U14/16 COMMISSIONER – Travis Duvall
270-401-6825 (C)

Equipment Manager – Kasey Smithson
270-777-5165 (C)

Select COMMISSIONER – Crystal Duvall
270-766-9440 (C)