Our Leagues

AnimatedBoyJugglingBall_100x129To check out what age group your child will play see chart (chart is for Recreational and Select teams): Birth Year Chart



Radcliff Youth Soccer Assoc.
Radcliff Youth Soccer Association (RYSA) is an organization that is dedicated to promoting soccer in the surrounding communities.  Our motto: “Where Kids Come First” puts players’ priority one. We offer both Recreational and Competitive Select soccer programs for players U4 through U18

Recreational leagues for ages U4-U16 fall under RYSA.

This is our competitive Select league.
Radcliff FC is for those who are looking to play at the higher level of competitive soccer. This league requires players to try-out and be selected by the coach. We will form teams for U10-U19, depending on availability of players and coaches.

RYSA U4 (Lil’ Shooters) League
We are excited to have our new U4 league. For many of you, this is your first experience with Recreational soccer. We want your U4 player’s first experience with organized soccer to be a great one!

The RYSA U4 league is a developmental program for children looking to learn the game of soccer. This program is the first step in achieving their soccer goal, which will include not only playing soccer, but games and activities which foster the movement and agility required in the basic skills of soccer. With the number one goal in mind, kids are to have fun while learning.