How to Become a Kentucky Soccer Referee
Working as a youth soccer referee for RYSA can be a fun hobby or a lucrative side job. All referees in Kentucky must pass a local referee clinic that’s affiliated with U.S. Soccer. Becoming a referee is a valuable way to support youth soccer and the kids of our community.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches are expected to maintain a higher level of sportsmanship, professionalism and integrity both on and off the field. Coaches’ primary responsibility is for his/her players to have fun, to develop soccer players, and to instill a passion for the game. Your performance as a coach is not measured in wins and loses but rather in what you teach your players in terms of sportsmanship, and fair play, technique. Coaches must maintain respect for the game as well as the referees. Coaches are charged with the responsibility of controlling themselves, their players and parents at all times during practices and matches. Coaches lead and teach by example; your players will be a reflection of you.

Coaches are encouraged to improve their skills by attending coaching clinics and striving to obtain their state or national license.

Our coaches are all volunteers and the Board greatly appreciates your willingness to help the kids.