Board Structure


Radcliff Youth Soccer Association (RYSA) is an organization that is dedicated to promoting soccer in the surrounding communities.  Our motto: “Where Kids Come First” puts players’ priority one. We offer both Recreational and Competitive Select soccer programs for players U4 through U18

Recreational leagues for ages U4-U16 fall under RYSA.

What we believe, is the foundation of our CONSTITUTION. Therefore it has basically remained the same throughout the history of the association. The BYLAWS describe
organization and how we operate. Therefore, they need to be reviewed and updated periodically. The POLICY MANUAL goes into even greater detail concerning procedures for various aspects of the association such as personnel, team organization, financial guidelines, etc.

The current on file documents replace any previous such documents, effective the 1st day of August, 2011. These documents were ratified by a quorum of the RYSA Board on 18 July 2011.

Approved RYSA-Guiding-Documents (598.3 KiB, 375 downloads)


The Board of Directors of RYSA is the governing body of the Radcliff Youth Soccer Association in accordance with the its bylaws. Consisting of elected members representing all facets of the Association, the Board administers the affairs of the Association to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for its members.


RYSA Board Members

William Lozano
President of RYSA
Cell (270) 304-4088
Steve Harlan
Vice President of Select / Scheduler / Concessions
Cell (270) 319-0865
Candi Lozano
Vice President of Recreational / Registrar
Cell (270) 272-5772
Sonja Curry
Cell (270) 401-5449
Kathy Castillo
Cell (270) 317-5425
Becky Pitts
Director of Pubic Relations
Cell (270) 312-2166
Alex Molina
Director of Select Coaches
Cell (270) 300-3404
Rachel McIntyre
Director of Recreational Coaches
Cell (270) 735-5920
Gabriel Curry
Director of Referees
Cell (270) 401-5449
Meredith Alexander
U4 "Lil' Shooters" Commissioner
Cell (270) 219-9994
Cindy Mehling
U6 / U10 Commissioner
Cell (270) 317-3559
Sarah Castillo
U8 Commissioner
Cell (270) 320-0839
James Myers
U12 / U14 / HS Commissioner
Cell (270) 219-9737
Jason Ferguson
Select Commissioner
Cell (270) 945-6752