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We want to thank all the U10 – U15 and U17G that took part in the try outs for the Spring 2014 Select season. The coaches have selected the following players for their teams.

U11 U12 U13 U15
Brangers, Z Butler, H Bowman, G Bennett, K
Dalton, Z Dentinger, J Carr, J Bowen, C
Griffin, J Disselkamp, Corder, A Clark, N
Trotta, C Ruiz, T Easterling, N Miller, W
Mata, J Melcher, A Francis,I Harrub, N
Heuke, E Jayne, E Gray, C Giron, D
Logsdon, C Logsdon, C Heuke, B Gray, A
Thompson, S Richards, C Kennedy, K Hubert, B
Throckmortan, Z Ruiz, D Luiggi, K Johnston, H
Vowels, C Sanders, N Parker, M Morales, T
Ward, H Rasheed, J Ray, J
Ruby, K Sheroan, J
Rugerio, A Sivulicch, E
Wiggins, L Stevens, A
Wright, B Stevens, JP
 Nelson, J Sumrall, J
Thompson, S


Allen-Moore, U

Anderson, A

Brangers, B

Cummings, A

Davenport, A

Gordon, T

Green, J

Green, M

Lee-Thacker, J

Lundy, I

Marvin, M

Maxwell, S

Moreland, K

Morris, K

Mosley, H

Quintana, M

Ralston, E

Robinson, C

Suzanne, D



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