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I would like to thank all the players that took part in the try-outs for the upcoming spring season. Based on the numbers, we formed the following teams. Unfortunately in some age groups there were not enough players to form a team so players were moved up. For the U17’s we will have another try-out to pick up more players. Coaches will be in contact with you in the near future.

Note: Player James Stewart needs to contact me as soon as possible no contact information was provided

Revolution Spring Roster

U10U11U16U17 BoysU17 Girls
Bonet, BBennett, CBennett, KBlankinship, KGreen, J
Bonet, MBrown, DClark, NMerritt, KHarden, H
Burns, JClark, XCorder, DPortman, RSydney, M
Hight, AFerguson, SCoons, LSanders, DMenoscal, T
Loggins, KHawkins, ADanilo, GTorres, ARalston, E
Matthews, JHawkins, MGibson, CWoods, JRamirez, I
Menear, EHeuke, EGraham, B
Murrell, PLozano, AGray, C
Thompson, JMarchiony, KHershow, R
Mehling, HMayes, M
Thompson, P

Morales, T
Warner, BMayes, M
Ruby, K
Sheroan, J
Sivulich, E
Stevens, A
Stevens, JP
Swift, R
Thompson, J

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