Welcome to Your Schedules

*******Hart County games at Hart County are on Central time Zone, if your schedule says 3 pm, that is 3 pm Hart Co time and 4 pm Hardin Co time******

Below are the schedules for this season. Please keep in mind that all schedules are final and cannot be changed for any reason. Cancellations due to circumstances beyond our control ie weather and such will be determined by the league and communicated through commissioners and our website. If you have any issues please contact your commissioner ASAP! Thank you and we are all looking forward to a great season of Soccer at RYSA!

U6 League

U6 Cheetahs (31)
U6 Dragons (18)
U6 Goal Diggers (30)
U6 Lil Monsters (27)
U6 Sharks (16)
U6 Thundercats (33)
U6 Wild Things (37)

U8 League

U8 Beast Mode (24)
U8 Killer Bees (34)
U8 RadioActive (68)
U8 Strikers (29)
U8 Thunder (34)
U8 ThunderCats (23)
U8 Twisters (16)
U8 Wildcats (22)

U10 League

U10 Fury (48)
U10 Minions (23)
U10 Thunder (37)
U10 United (59)

U12 League

U12 Black Knights (88)
U12 Bulldogs (63)
U12 Stingrays (59)
U12 Vipers (52)

U14 League

U14 Chargers (77)

RFC Revolution

U11 – U11 Revolution (29)
U12 – U12 Revolution (21)
U13 – U13 Revolution (33)
U15 – U15 Revolution (25)
U17B – U17B Revolution (25)
U17G – U17G Revolution (25)